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This online survey is part of a study conducted by the WaterProof project partner IZES gGmbH. The aim of the survey is to analyse the public perception of cleaning products based on CO2 from wastewater.

In WaterProof, CO₂ emissions are captured from waste and wastewater treatment plants and transformed into the base chemical formic acid. This chemical can directly be applied as decalcifier in cleaning products.

Your feedback will play a crucial role in shaping the future of environmentally-friendly products and the EU’s circular economy. By sharing your thoughts, you will also be contributing to the success of the WaterProof project.

Stand picture from the WaterProof video showing the cycle from wastewater treatment, to CO₂ capture, formic acid production and use in cleaning products that return into the wastewater stream. Each step of the process is shown with a drawn picture and connected with yellow arrows. In the middle of the cycle stands "Innovative circular economy".

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Latest News

  • 27.
    Jun 2024

    Maddalena Bettoni from FUNDITEC presented WaterProof at the MeetechSpain 2024

    Maddalena Bettoni at meetechSpain 2024. She is a young woman with curly medium-long, brown hear wearing a white blazer and jeans. She is standing in an exhibition hall with a curved ceiling and holds a brochure of the WaterProof project.

    On June 13-14th, 2024, Maddalena Bettoni from Funditec presented WaterProof at MeetechSpain, an event where numerous technological centers from Spain converge to showcase their works, innovations, and project. Funditec is part of WaterProof’s WP1 in which they work on making the best use of the anodic current of the electrochemical Formate cell by studying the paired production of H2O2 for water purification.

  • 29.
    Apr 2024

    Dr. Guillermo Pozo from TECNALIA will introduce WaterProof at the IFAT Munich 2024!

    Portrait photo of Guillermo Pozo from Tecnalia. He is a dark-haired man around 40, with glasses short dark hair and a light blue shirt. The background is very bright with blurry windows.

    On May 15-16th, 2024, Dr. Guillermo Pozo from TECNALIA will visit and introduce WaterProof at IFAT Munich 2024, the largest international trade fair for water, wastewater, recycling, and municipal technology sectors. TECNALIA is working on WP3 (Product implementation and value chain circularity) in the WaterProof project. TECNALIA’s task focuses on using formic acid products derived from recycled CO₂, their circularity in the value chain, and their validation in synthesising acidic deep eutectic solvents (ADES) for metal recovery from waste streams.

  • 12.
    Apr 2024

    The Potential of Electrodes – Interview with Dr. Pegah Shakeri (Coatema)

    Electrochemistry and CO₂ Conversion go hand in hand.
    Learn more about the potential of electrodes in our latest interview with WaterProof project-partner Coatema’s expert Pegah Shakeri, PhD. The company has great expertise in electrode production and electrochemistry.

    Read the full interviewl here.

  • 11.
    Apr 2024

    Dr. Pegah Shakeri (Coatema) to present WaterProof at the CO₂-Based Fuels and Chemicals Conference 2024

    On April 18th 2024 Dr. Pegah Shakeri from Coatema will present the recent results of the WaterProof project at the CO₂-Based Fuels and Chemicals Conference 2024 in Cologne, Germany and online. The event aims to showcase advanced research in Carbon Capture and Utilisation and its potential in the field of sustainable CO₂-based chemicals and fuels.

    Join us on site and explore the entire programme at:

  • 22.
    Feb 2024

    Maddalena Bettoni (Funditech) to present WaterProof at meetech 2024 in Spain

    On June 13-14th 2024 Dr. Maddalena Bettoni from Funditech will introduce WaterProof at the meetech Conference 2024 in Spain, demonstrating the versatility of innvative technology and chemistry.

    Find more information on the event here.

  • 22.
    Feb 2024

    Applauding the accomplishments of the initial 18 months in the first WaterProof review

    On February 14th 2024 the WaterProof consortium successfully presented the achievements and results of the past 18 month to an expert jury from the european commission.

    The consortium hopes to continue the effective work in the remaining project year.

  • 22.
    Feb 2024

    WaterProof project at the 24th ECS meeting in Gothenburg

    Our project partners from Avantium presented the WaterProof project at the 24th ECS meeting in Gothenburg, where their international expert team introduced exciting projects and custom build electrolyzer test setups.
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  • 11.
    Nov 2023

    Great interest in the WaterProof project at the 22nd International Coating Symposium

    Exciting times at the 22nd Coating Symposium at Coatema Coating Machinery GmbH! WaterProof expert Dr. Pegah Shakeraihad the pleasure of meeting our research partners Stanislav Molodtsov and Alex Man, who are also collaborators in the #WaterProof project.
    A special thank you to the Coatema Coating Machinery GmbH organizing team, especially Tanja Simone, for making this a flawless event!

    The event included speakers from industry, institutes and R&D will present the latest developments around coating, printing and laminating and also show trials in the Coatema R&D centre on site.

    Find more information on the event here.

  • 02.
    Nov 2023

    WaterProof expert Dr. Pegah Shakeri at the 22nd International Coating Symposium

    On 7-8 November 2023 project partner Coatema is hosting the 22nd International Coating Symposium. Listen to our expert Dr. Pegah Shakeri informing you about the utilisation of electrochemistry for the conversion of CO₂ into valuable chemicals and visit the WaterProof exhibition booth.

    The event includes speakers from industry, institutes and R&D will present the latest developments around coating, printing and laminating and also show trials in the Coatema R&D centre on site.

    Find more information on the event here.

  • 27.
    Jun 2023

    One Year of WaterProof Research – General Assembly in Bilbao in June 2023

    From June 14-15th 2023 the WaterProof consortium held its one year general assembly with all consortium partners. The meeting took place at the facilities of Tecnalia in the city of Bilbao, Spain, and gave all participants the opportunity to discuss future focus points and strategies, and streamline their research efforts. Following the presentation of current research data, various work packages were already able to celebrate first promising results.